Baby Bodysuit - I Just Got Here and I Already Know Jesus Loves Me


$ 14.99 
SKU: 100-baby-jesuslove03white

Rapunzie's adorable and heartwarming baby onesie, designed to celebrate the joyous arrival of your little one while embracing the message of faith. Made with love and crafted from 100% cotton, this onesie ensures the utmost comfort for your precious baby.

The standout feature of this onesie is the captivating graphic of the fish symbol for Jesus, symbolizing his boundless love and protection. Paired with the charming caption, "I Just Got Here and I Already Know Jesus Loves Me," it serves as a beautiful reminder of the unconditional love that surrounds your little miracle.

Available in three delightful colors, white, light blue, and pink, you can choose the one that best suits your baby's style. Whether it's a classic white for a clean and timeless look, a gentle light blue for a touch of tranquility, or a soft pink for a delicate touch of sweetness, each color is sure to enhance your little one's natural charm.

With sizes ranging from 0-3 months to 12-18 months, this onesie is designed to fit your growing baby perfectly throughout their first year. The short sleeves provide ample room for movement and breathability, ensuring your baby stays cool and comfortable all day long.

This baby onesie not only showcases your baby's arrival but also celebrates the love and warmth that Jesus brings into their life. It's a meaningful and adorable piece that makes for a cherished keepsake or a thoughtful gift for baby showers, baptisms, or other special occasions.

Wrap your little bundle of joy in this delightful baby onesie, spreading love, faith, and joy to everyone who sees them. Let them experience the embrace of Jesus' love from the very beginning, creating treasured memories that will last a lifetime.