Baby Bodysuit - Potty Like a Rock Star


$ 14.99 
SKU: 107-baby-pottyrock03white

Rapunzie's adorable "Potty Like a Rockstar" baby onesie, designed to add a touch of fun and style to your little one's wardrobe! Made from 100% cotton, this onesie ensures optimum comfort for your baby's delicate skin.

Featuring a playful graphic of a little boy sitting on a toilet, accompanied by the catchy caption, "Potty Like a Rockstar," this onesie brings a delightful twist to the mundane task of potty training. The design captures the spirit of independence and accomplishment, encouraging your little rockstar to embrace this milestone with confidence.

The onesie comes with short sleeves, keeping your baby cool and comfortable throughout the day. Additionally, the versatile color options of white, pink, and light blue allow you to choose a shade that perfectly complements your baby's unique style.

Not only does this onesie provide an adorable and humorous touch to your baby's attire, but it also serves as a gentle reminder to embrace and celebrate the exciting journey of potty training. Get ready to cheer on your little one as they conquer each milestone, "Potty Like a Rockstar" style!